Language School

Good Hope Studies offers a unique learning experience that is highly efficient, fun and affordable. Our clients often compliment us on our small classes (6 to 8 students, maximum 10 students), a friendly, relaxed learning environment, activities outside the classroom and highly skilled teachers.

At Good Hope Studies you can expect first class premises in safe and convenient locations where you can study in a pleasant and quiet environment.

English Courses

General English

Our General English Courses are ideal if you use English for everyday purposes.


Business English

The Business Course is recommended if you need to use English at work or in a business context. 


Cambridge Courses

World-wide and widely accepted by companies as a proof of a certain level of English.



Exam preparation courses.


EAP Course

Essential skills that students need so that they can function effectively in an academic environment.


Private Lessons

For people who need to improve as quickly as possible & people who wish to focus on specific areas.


Study Year

The Study Year concept has been designed to cater for the specific needs of long-term students.


Price List

Compare our prices with others, but keep in mind that our lessons take 50 minutes each and that our classes are intensive, with a maximum of only 10 students in class.


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Choose between our English language school in the upmarket residential
area of Newlands and our English language school in the
City Centre 
of Cape Town.

City Centre School

The English language school is located in a beautiful office building in the pedestrian walkway of St. Georges Mall. Here you feel the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy the multicultural blend the city is so well known for. The language school is a short distance to the Metrorail and bus station. St. Georges Mall offers a lively atmosphere full of artists, shops and business people.

  • City Centre School
  • City Centre School

City Centre Campus: 

5 St. Georges Mall 

8001 Cape Town

South Africa

Tel.:+27 - 21 - 425 5403 E-Mail:Contact us

Newlands School

The language school in Newlands is located in a building in an upmarket residential area. Here you can study in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. At the same time you are close to all types of accommodation and only a short walk away from a commercial and office centre and more.

  • Newlands School
  • Newlands School

Main office and Newlands Campus:

11 Mariendahl Ave


7700 Cape Town

South Africa

Tel.:+27 - 21 - 683 1399 E-Mail:Contact us


While our team of teachers makes sure that learning is efficient, but fun, our administration team makes sure that everything else runs smoothly. 

Our biggest asset is our strong team of teachers. They are all proudly South African, well-experienced, highly-qualified (CELTA and Delta) and, even more importantly, they love teaching.

Student's Photos

Every second week we publish the photographs of students who are currently at the English language school in Cape Town.

"82 days ago, I was
living one of the most awesome days
of my life: I was performing my dream..."

Jessica from Vitória, Brazil

April 2013

"Good Hope Studies has two locations,
has many excursions and activities
and classes are small with groups
up to 9 people..."

Sebastian from Colombia

April 2014

"I felt like in a holiday!"

Simona from Switzerland

April 2014