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GHS Homeshare

Why Homeshare?

In contrast to a host family where the student is included in the daily life of the family, Homeshare allows the independent student an opportunity to share a home without any obligations.

This option is ideal for students who are more mature, have travel experience, like to go out regularly, easily connect with people and therefore don’t require any assistance from or social interaction with a host family.

It is a good choice for those who would like to come and go as they please while still having the opportunity to get to know the locals.

Who will be my host?

Your host can be a family, a couple or a single person wanting to rent out a single room and allowing the guest the use of the kitchen. They are typically very independent people who may often not be at home.

What type of home can I expect?

In the area around the Newlands school, most homes are private houses or town houses, sometimes with an outside studio / cottage / garden flatlet, but may also be apartments. In the city centre, most homes are apartments.

What are my responsibilities?

Students do their own shopping, their own cooking, cleaning up of the kitchen and their own room.

Hosts have no obligation to be at home or to socialise with the student.

Information sheet Homeshare