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GHS Homestay

Why Homestay?

Staying with a host family is a very useful addition to your language course. With them, you can practice your newly acquired skills while learning more about the country and its people. Also, South African host families are well known for their friendliness and hospitality. So it’s no surprise that most students choose a host family. 

Your host could be a single woman, an older couple or a young couple with children. They will provide you with a room with a single bed, a wardrobe and a desk. You also receive breakfast and dinner and share the bathroom with the family.

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Host families for the language school in Newlands

As the language school in Newlands is situated in the middle of an upmarket residential area, there are many host families to choose from in this area. Depending on the location of your host family, you can either walk to school or go by MetroRail or bus. Most families live in private houses with a garden.   

Host families for the language school in the city centre

If you attend your language course at our school in the city centre, you will be accommodated with a host family either in the city centre area, Sea Point, Milnerton or one of the southern suburbs. To get to school, you either need to take a bus or use MetroRail. Most families in these areas live in flats.  


Especially for older students and for those who want to enjoy more comfort at a host family, we recommend this accommodation option. At Homestay-Plus, you enjoy a private bathroom and a higher standard of living in general. The average time it takes to get to school is also shorter.

Information sheet Homestay/Homestay-Plus

"During the time that I stayed with the host family, I could participate in the family’s routine. It was very interesting to know their habits about food and their simple lifestyle. I could learn about the culture, the techniques to save water, to speak about my daily experience and received suggestions about good places to visit the next day. I felt like a member of the family!"

Juliane from Brazil

Juliane from Brazil

"Since the first weekend I feel comfortable and welcome. The relationship to my host family is very relaxed and easy. I like having supper with them and discuss a variety of topics. I can always ask Liz for help or tips about where to eat or where to spend my free time. She often has a good advice for me. I’m really glad to live in this family during my stay in Cape Town."

Lea from Switzerland

Lea from Switzerland

"Barbara is a lovely person and I am feeling very well. Barbara Is a great person. I recommend her to have more students. Her home is in a good location, she speaks with me often and corrects me when I make mistakes. My room in the house is good and so is the food. I’m very very happy to stay with my Host mother. Thank you."

Noémia from Mozambique

Noémia from Mozambique

"I'm enjoying the time with my home stay mom and I like to learn
every day something new. I am very glad to be here improving
my English in such a good environment."

Fabian from Switzerland

Fabian from Switzerland