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Internships Testimonials

There is no-one better qualified to judge our programmes than our clients:

Florence from La Réunion: "I’m Florence, a French girl from Reunion Island and I’m in South Africa for 6 months for an internship. I’m working in a conservation area and I made a lot of visits around all the conservation areas in Cape Town. I had the opportunity to do a snake course with my colleagues. In fact, it was the first time for me that I saw a snake because in Reunion Island there are NO snakes at all. Then after the course I realized that I was falling in love about snakes. Now I have a diploma to trap and awareness snakes. I really prefer to be here with some local people because without that I assume that I will never speak in English with the others students. Moreover I can see how South African live and think, it’s a huge difference. However, I’m easier to blend into the masse because I’m coloured. So, people always think that I’m a South African and they speak to me in Afrikaans. I never understand and they switch in English. South Africans are very friendly, helpful, and funny. It’s like I’m in Reunion Island except people speak in another language."

Leonie from Germany: "I'm currently doing an internship in a local newspaper in Observatory, ten minutes away from Newlands by train. I am overhappy to be here and gained a lot of new experience during the past 6 weeks. I am pretty much included in the work of the newspaper. I get to do a lot of interviews, I'm taking photos and writing different types of articles. Till now five articles with my name have been published in the monthly newspaper. I also improved my English a lot by speaking it all day, doing telephone conversations and interviews. My colleagues are all friendly, open-minded and cooperative. I work from 8am to 4pm. It was definitely the right decision to come here and to do this internship. I'm so sad I have to leave in 2 weeks. This stay definitely made me richer."

Jessica from Switzerland: "Usually everybody is going to Australia, New Zealand or America. However, I do not have a preference for the mainstream destinations, so I decided to explore Africa. Cape Town - South Africa.

5th of January 2014, really tired but with much anticipation I reached Cape Town airport. My host mother Lorna greeted me cordially. She's a real Mama Africa; I love her and her food. African kitchen is a culinary delight! I graduated from language school at Good Hope Studies in Newlands, which I attended for 2 weeks. The school is cool, good teachers, nice school building with swimming pool, and great people! I live in Claremont, a 20-minute walk away from the school. My neighbourhood is very familiar, green and safe. However, I was a little bit shocked initially. Each house has walls around and sealed with electrical wires. For a Swiss girl from a 2000 soul village, open doors for everyone and the cows right in front of the hut - a habituation of sight. My host brother, Augustin from Argentina, was without a doubt the best host brother you can certainly imagine. Argentinians are very charming, have a funny accent and a big heart. In the middle of January I began my internship at a Company in Hout Bay.

The company office is beautiful with a nice pool. My colleagues are all very lovely and they do a good job. I had to translate itineraries into German and French, work together with our website master, do marketing for Dinner at Mandela’s, communicate with volunteer companies and many more things. I'm really happy with my internship placement and I learn a lot about tourism and marketing.Yesterday was the first evening since 12 weeks I was just laying on my bed and did nothing. Like my host mum always says: “Oh darling, you're so busy, but you're young, enjoy it, go out, meet some nice guys and enjoy the Cape Town vibes!”

3 weeks left, the time is running! The sunset is earlier! The people go crazy! The music sounds louder! My love to Africa is growing stronger and stronger…Cheers! Dankie vir die beste tyd van my lewe, Afrika!"

Maurice from Germany: "When I arrived in Cape Town I was impressed from the start. I have never seen a country that is filled with contrasts like South Africa. On one hand it’s this beautiful countryside and nature in all it’s beautiful forms, but on the other hand the proof of the social and economic challenges South Africa faces. Cape Town is like no other city, it is amazing to see how people live here and to become a part of the daily life of “real” Capetonians. The weather was cold at first, but now the seasons are changing into a time full of sunshine. I have already seen so many things, starting from Table Mountain up to penguin colonies or the famous Cape Point, but you will have never seen everything of Cape Town, as there is always more to discover and visit. I really enjoy being more than just a tourist, to work at “Vivid Luxury Marketing” was the perfect opportunity to combine international work experience and to feel more like a part of the culture. The team at Vivid welcomed me very warmly and open-hearted, patiently explaining to me the various tasks I would have to do and about PR in general. The work is varied and more than a typical “Office-Job”. Vivid also organized the “Big Bottle Wine Festival” in Constantia, where I was allowed to take part and work on this high-class event. This was a great experience that shows how Event- and PR management come together, I will never forget that. I enjoy Cape Town everyday, as soon as the Table Mountain rises in front of me, I am speechless and impressed, day by day. I really recommend to take part in an internship, as it is a good way to see how your field of interest works practically, which helps you to make plans for your own future much better. Cape Town – definitely a place not to miss in your life!"