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On-site Accommodation in Newlands

Why on-site accommodation?

Live and study on the same property. Our on-site accommodation features an upmarket residential building with a large garden, a swimming pool and a veranda.

The interior is beautifully decorated and there is a self-catering kitchen and a large communal area. One of our staff members is permanently staying at the property and available for assistance when needed.

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Each bedroom accommodates between 3 and 4 students and is equipped with desks, chairs and a wardrobe. A total of 3 bathrooms are available to share.  

There is a large kitchen for self-catering, large common areas, a garden and a pool. Wifi is available free of charge.


Our on-site accommodation is situated on the same property next to the school in Newlands. The closest MetroRail station can be reached within a few minutes’ walk. 

The main shopping areas for the Southern Suburbs as well as restaurants, pubs, banks, bars, etc. are also within walking distance.

Information sheet on-site accommodation

"The accommodation is really nice, because we have a lot
of space and we can share the kitchen and the living room.
It's so much fun to cook together! I like my room, especially 
because of my roommate, she is the best! I feel at home..."

Sarah from Switzerland