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Get your business COVID-19 ready

What we offer

A 1-day online course on how to get your business COVID-19 ready.

Who the is course for

For business owners, management and supervisors.

These days, business owners, managers and supervisors are receiving constant information about the rules and regulations to what it takes to reopen their businesses and to welcoming clients/students/patrons/guests again. The information everyone is bombarded with is confusing, often contradictory, and never in clear and concise, bite-sized, easily digestible pieces.

Our course content is thoroughly researched by our professionals and complex matters are transformed in easy to understand instructions. We provide you with a toolkit that includes, step-by-step guides, ready-to go-forms and the latest regulations. And as we go along, we update all former participants of any upcoming changes in order to keep them always informed on the latest development.

This course is developed to reduce the stress and anxiety, to encourage and to inspire you as we step out into our NEW NORMAL.


The purpose of this course is to provide South Africans with a strategy to open their businesses and some guidance for them and their staff as to how to handle the unprecedented changes the entire country is facing due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus.

This training is intended for business owners and their management who can then filter this information to ground staff. However, if management teams and business owners would like to host a module for their support staff, we would be happy to provide this as well.

As a center for education, we have spent 25 years communicating ideas and course content to thousands of individuals. Our teachers/trainers are the best in the industry and will be able to walk you through all steps of reopening your business and not only the legal requirements, laid out by the government of South Africa. We will help you remember that there are many more factors involved in opening a business again, many of which can be extremely stressful, and none of which should be forgotten when you open your doors again for the first time.


Type of course Online course
Upcoming course dates 18 Aug, 1 Sept 2020
Course times 9 am - 4pm (one-hour lunch break)
Language English (Afrikaans and IsiXhosa on demand)
Maximum Number of participants 10 people
Requirements Computer or tablet and a good internet connection
Included in the course Toolkit, Certificate
Costs R 1,490 per person
(R 9,990 if the course takes place at your company. Maximum 10 participants)

Course Modules

  • Module A: What is COVID – 19? What is new? What is happening in the country and what does it mean to me and my industry?

  • Module B: Preparing your business for reopening and processes you should consider.

  • Module C: Communicating with your clients.

  • Module D: The practicality of having your doors open to others.

  • Module E: Looking after number 1 – Your staff.

  • Module F: Looking forward to living our new normal.

  • Module G: Open Discussion and Questions.