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Our biggest asset is our team of teachers. They are all proudly South African, well-experienced and highly-qualified (CELTA and Delta) and, even more importantly, they love teaching.

Sharon McCall

What a privilege it is to meet so many incredible people from all over the world and to help them towards achieving their goals. Preparing students for an exam, discussing South African topics or taking the class to practise their English skills on a wine farm in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, makes my job very rewarding!

Elize Potgieter

As I have always been passionate about language and culture, teaching English offered me the perfect opportunity to combine what I love most with earning a living. Getting to meet interesting people from all cultures, backgrounds and walks of life every week makes my job interesting and rewarding in a way that no other job can. I'm always looking for opportunities to keep learning and developing and love my students for what they teach me - whether it's about their country, their culture or just life in general!

Desiree McCall

Hi! I've been working as an English teacher for over 12 years - first in a South African high school, then in tropical Thailand, and since then at Good Hope Studies. I've made so many fantastic friends from all over the world in TEFL which is surely the best part of my job. When I'm not having fun at school with my classes, you'll find me cooking up a storm in my kitchen with a glass of Cape wine, listening to music or just the wind outside.

Wilma Jansen van Veuren

Having been bitten by the travel bug shortly after birth, I've made it my life's mission to find a cure. I have found temporary relief in India, Guatemala, Italy, Egypt, Argentina and a few other places. I've had sooo many amazing experiences on our planet and chatting to people from all over the world reminds me of our common humanity. With travelling comes living the sweet, literally: tasting all the sweet things on offer...which means I usually have a bit of extra weight to check in at the airport!!

Heather Prest

I’ve been at Good Hope Studies since November 2000. Before that I was a primary school teacher. I absolutely love my job and enjoy meeting and hosting students from all over the world. I’m a proud Capetonian, but have lived in Johannesburg for 5 years and Vancouver, Canada for 3 years. I am passionate about South Africa and especially love watching rugby and cricket. I have two teenagers, a boy and a girl whom I enjoy tremendously.

Belinda Bresler

Passionate about people and what makes them tick, about language and learning - and also about culture, I have been in the EFL industry for around twenty years and loved every minute of it….well almost! I’ve taught at most of the established schools in Cape Town, been involved in running CELTA courses and been in management, but the undoubted and undisputed highlight so far, for me, was teaching in London for two years. I am also passionate about Europe. I’ve been to every country in Western Europe at least once. Even Lichtenstein! And then there’s  Switzerland -  I think they’re ready to give me citizenship, I’ve been there so many times!  Art, architecture, culture and diversity- and of course the people. Unbeatable!!

Portia Lesch

I've been teaching at Good Hope Studies since 2004 and I'm still enjoying every aspect of it. My passion for teaching started in 1998 when I volunteered at an Adult Literacy centre in an informal settlement. My aim is to create a fun relaxed atmosphere in class. The best part of my job is that I don't have to travel around the world to learn about other cultures - instead I have been honoured and privileged to be presented with the opportunity to interact, motivate and share my knowledge with people from all walks of life. My motivation comes from the progress made by my students.

Alan Waltman

I’ve been at Good Hope Studies since 2001. I’m an outdoors person and love going on hikes in the beautiful mountains in the Cape. I enjoy meeting and teaching students from all over the world, but the greatest reward is seeing students make progress in their English.

Melissa Dietrich

I hail from 'The City of Gold' but, like many Jo'burgers, have been mysteriously drawn to the Cape. Having studied English teaching with the aim of seeing the world, I soon discovered all the delightful things this city has to offer, and I haven't looked for another home since. The city is complex and surprising - made all the more so by the eclectic mix of cultures and personalities I get to meet and work with each day.

Ardine Fick

I've been working at Good Hope Studies since 2008, after completing my CELTA training. Before joining the teaching team I was very involved in the theatre and I still love using drama techniques in my classroom, to make learning English fun and exciting. The greatest part of my job is seeing my students become more confident as well as fluent in their use of English. I strive to create an atmosphere of enthusiasm and a supportive learning environment for all my students. In my free time I play Theatresports, study Psychology, go to music festivals and pursue my passion for making (and eating) desserts.

Dee Watson

What I love most about this job is the interaction with fascinating people from all over the world and having the pleasure of enabling learners to communicate effectively in English. Not only do I enjoy learning about their areas of expertise and their culture, but I also enjoy showing off all that beautiful Cape Town offers. Having had the good fortune of being able to travel extensively, I still think Cape Town is tops! We tend to have fun in class, even exam classes! It's rewarding to see students making significant progress and passing their exams. It's wonderful to see friendships developing between students and to hear about their adventures and this all becomes part of the learning curve as they use the language to communicate. It's true, I love what I do!

Mayuri Ramjathan

I’m originally from Kwazulu-Natal but now have the pleasure of calling Cape Town my home. I’ve been teaching English since 2006 and I have a passion for travel and for experiencing different cultures and traditions. I’ve lived and worked abroad and I find teaching to be an extremely rewarding and enjoyable profession. I hope to help my students to attain their future goals - whether for work, studies or pleasure - and to have fun doing it!

Rusty Stander

I was born on the sunny east coast of South Africa and was raised on the beach and in the ocean. I'm an avid sportsman and sports fan with a true passion for rugby. I thoroughly enjoy interacting with and learning from other cultures in my classroom every day, while facilitating learning through these exchanges.

Siân Smit

A Capetonian born and bred, I have been teaching at Good Hope Studies since 2013. I love that my job involves helping students to learn about our beautiful city and its rich cultural heritage. I encourage an atmosphere of curiosity, sharing and mutual respect in the language learning process, and I derive great job satisfaction from witnessing cross-cultural friendships being built among the students. I enjoy helping students to use English to communicate more effectively.

Joni Mostert

A love of languages and exploring new cultures has been the driving force in choosing my profession. I find it a privilege to not only be able to teach my own language but also to learn from my students. I’ve lived and worked in many places and I try to bring these memorable experiences into my classroom.

Leila Walters

I have taught in many underprivileged schools around Cape Town assisting teachers with literacy. I taught and lived in Thailand for two years working with young children. I love English, people and I eat, sleep and breathe history, especially South African. I’m a huge lover of cooking and wine, especially wine, so if you are looking for any recommendations let me know.

Mike Faul

Working at GHS has given me the opportunity to not only let my inner nerd prosper, but also to have an audience for my extremely lame jokes. When I’m not at school, you can find me on my beanbag busy reading, drinking or just doing something bizarre. 

I leave you with this gem:
Q: What’s the difference between a cat and a comma?
A: One has claws at the end of its paws, the other is a pause at the end of a clause.

Fatima Ebrahim

I come from a family of teachers and travellers - and teaching EFL is almost like travelling without leaving the classroom! I get to learn about other cultures and countries (my geography’s never been better), I get to observe stereotypes being broken and challenge fixed viewpoints. I’m continually amazed that no matter how different we may seem…we’re mostly all the same. There are lots of goodbyes in this job, but so many more salaams, olás, bonjours and hallos. Providing people with tools to freely express themselves in the world? That’s a job I’m proud of.

Talita Momsen

I love exploring and sharing experiences in the most beautiful city in South Africa with my students. Meeting fascinating and inspiring people from around the world makes having to teach English tolerable. I often think that I learn more from my students than they do from me.