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COVID-19 Course

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Find the payment details at the end of the invoice. Payment needs to be made by EFT. Please make sure that the payment arrives on our account no later than three business days before your course. Once we have received your full payment, we will send you the log-in details for your course.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel this course, send an email to no later than three days before the course. No refund will be given for courses cancelled two days or less before the course.


The information contained in this course relates to COVID-19 and was developed through research by Good Hope Studies, which is ongoing. It is therefore not intended to be complete or conclusive.
While every effort has been made to verify its content, Good Hope Studies does not make any representation as to its accuracy nor does it guarantee its effectiveness. Simply taking this course is not sufficient to protect yourself or other people with whom you may come into reasonably close - direct or indirect - physical contact.

You, the learner:
  1. Should review our recommended practices often - even as lockdown regulations are relaxed; and
  2. Accept the risks associated with COVID-19 and undertakes to indemnify and hold Good Hope Studies harmless, to the full extent allowable by law, against any claims which may be made against it by any person arising out of the usage of or reliance upon any material contained in this course.