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Private Online English Lessons

Who is it for?

Consider taking some online lessons

  • before you start your English course in Cape Town:
    Doing some language training in preparation for your course in Cape Town will allow you to get the most out of your language course. Brush up your language skills before you travel and arrive in Cape Town ready to focus on new things.
  • after your English course in Cape Town:
    Continue improving your language skills after your course in Cape Town. Carrying on with lessons after your trip will foster your skills.
  • instead of travelling to Cape Town:
    If you can't travel to Cape Town, why not improve your language skills with online lessons at home or at work? Our well-trained teachers provide lessons online with the same skill and enthusiasm as in the classroom.


(1 lesson = 50 minutes)
5 lessons within 4 weeks € 135
10 lessons within 7 weeks € 260
20 lessons within 12 weeks € 500
Levels 5 levels - Pre-Intermediate (A2+) to Proficiency (C2)


(1 lesson = 50 minutes)
5 lessons within 4 weeks US$ 150
10 lessons within 7 weeks US$ 285
20 lessons within 12 weeks US$ 550
Levels 5 levels - Pre-Intermediate (A2+) to Proficiency (C2)

How does it work?

Online English Lessons at Good Hope Studies are held in exactly the same way as our English language classes at our school premises: you have the same course content and teachers.

In an online classroom you see, hear and speak with your teacher as if you were in the same room. You and your teacher can work collaboratively and you can share materials. Your lessons take place whereever it suits you - your home, your workplace or any other place you choose.

The only things you need to enjoy your online lesson are a computer with a microphone, a camera, a headset or headphones, and an internet connection.

We invite you to book a free trial lesson in order to see for yourself how the system works. If you would like to continue after your trial lesson, you can enrol for online lessons and make a payment by bank transfer or credit card. 

Curious? Contact us for your free trial lesson!

Rules and Regulations for Private Online lessons:

  • Each student is entitled to receive one free private online lesson before booking online private lessons.
  • Once a lesson has been booked, the student needs to arrange when the first lesson will to take place. Lessons can be scheduled from Monday to Friday between 13:30 and 16:30 Cape Town time.
  • Each lessons takes 50 minutes. A 10-minute break will be scheduled in the middle if two lessons are taken at once.
  • All lessons must be taken before they expire. The expiry date is given on the booking confirmation document.
  • A scheduled lesson can be canceled and rescheduled. Cancellation must be done in writing to at least one working day before the lesson takes place (please keep South African public holidays in mind).
  • Lessons expire without exception if cancelled on the day they take place or in case of a no-show.