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多年来,我们一直提供十分受欢迎的剑桥大学英语教师培训课程。CELTA(英国剑桥大学教师证书)和 Delta(剑桥英语语言教师文凭)这两个证书是到全球许多英语学校任教的必备条件。

我们的课程已获得剑桥大学 ESOL(剑桥大学考试委员会)的认可和支持。课程由经验丰富的老师主讲。此外,我们的优势还在于,地理位置优越的办学点,宽敞的教室,具有吸引力的价格。



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"I highly recommend the Celta
course of Good Hope Studies.
The teachers are extremely
knowledgeable and competent,..."

Ishwar from Canada


"The Celta course is intense,
and we were teaching from Day 2..."

Su from South Africa


"It is impossible to pack a 4-week adventure
into a couple of sentences, but what first comes
to mind is the depth and thoroughness
of the course..."

Yekaterina from Russia


"Very appreciative of the effort put in to run the course amidst - and despite - unique challenges presented by Covid. The course has been brilliant and challenging. The tutors have both been extremely supportive and have given us every chance at success. I love that we got to practise what we learned with actual students. I now feel well-prepared for my first step into teaching. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!”


CELTA (February 2021)

“Through this CELTA course I have felt as though Good Hope Studies have handled working around the requirements set out by the coronavirs really well. There was a throrough screening process, our temperatures were taken each day upon arrival, and all the classrooms were really well ventilated. I still believe that the course held more value of it being in person. The tutuors for the CELTA course were really engaging and helpful and through the multiple input sessions and observed lessons, I have found that I have laernt a lot. As a whole, I think that Good Hope Studies has really succeeded in providing a useful and valuable course, and I am looking foward to taking it into the future."

Lara from South Africa

March 2021