This school was the perfect place for me. Lessons are interesting and classes are kept rather small so weaknesses can be considered. The management is also incredibly friendly and helpful.
Jasmin (Jan 2022)
from Switzerland
Jasmin Hug - student Good Hope Studies
From day one I felt very comfortable at the school which is very organised and trustworthy. The staff and teachers are just great. You can make friends from all over the world and the school also offers a lot of activities.
Bandar (Jan 2022)
from Saudi Arabia
Bandar Alijzani - student Good Hope Studies
I highly recommend this school to anyone who is primarily looking to truly enhance their English skills and have an unforgettable time in Cape Town. My two-week language school experience here was the perfect choice.
Justus (Sep 2023)
from Germany
Justus Dunzen - student Good Hope Studies
The school's location near the iconic mountains added to the overall charm of the incredible experience. I highly recommend Good Hopes Studies for anyone looking to improve their language skills in a stunning and welcoming environment.
Julian (Sep 2023)
from The Netherlands
Julian Middelhoek - student Good Hope Studies