Good Hope Studies has a methodology with different approaches: grammar, vocabulary, listening, and speaking, it helps me a lot. It's possible to develop our capabilities in English and make new friends and connections while studying in Cape Town.
Aloma (Nov 2023)
from Brazil
Aloma Cruz Tente - student Good Hope Studies
I enjoy the classes at Good Hope Studies and all the teachers are very kind and very professional. The school has a lot of people with different cultures and I am very happy to spend my days here. I really love Cape Town.
Filipa (Sep 2023)
from Angola
Filipa Silva - student Good Hope Studies
Good Hope studies is a great school. The teachers and reception are nice and provide information in a professional way. The interesting thing about this school is that the class does not exceed 10 students.
Abdulhamid (Nov 2023)
from Turkey
Abdulhamid Elbira - student Good Hope Studies
Cape Town is the most beautiful City in South Africa. I have been at the school for 7 months. It is the best school that I have been to because the teachers are friendly and they know how to give you the information you are seeking and show your talent.
Yahya (Sep 2023)
from Yemen
Yahya Arash - student Good Hope Studies
Good Hope Studies - Englischkurs im Stadtzentrum
Good Hope Studies - Englischkurs im Stadtzentrum