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Our Teachers

I used to teach in a primary school. I absolutely love my job and enjoy meeting students from all over the world. I spent 3 years in Vancouver. I am passionate about South Africa and especially love watching rugby and cricket. I have two adult children.
Heather Prest
since 2000
Good Hope Studies teacher - Heather Prest
Preparing students for an exam, discussing South African topics or taking the class to practise their English skills on a wine farm in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, makes my job very rewarding!
Sharon McCall
Since 2004
Good Hope Studies teacher - Sharon McCall
Having been bitten by the travel bug shortly after birth, I've made it my life's mission to find a cure. I have found temporary relief in India, Guatemala, Italy, Egypt, Argentina and a few other places.
Wilma Jansen van Veuren
Since 2004
Good Hope Studies teacher - Wilma Jansen van Veuren
I have been in the EFL industry for around twenty years. I’ve taught at most of the established schools in Cape Town, been involved in running CELTA courses and been in management, but the undoubted highlight so far, was teaching in London for two years.
Belinda Bresler
Since 2001
Good Hope Studies teacher - Belinda Bresler
Working at Good Hope Studies has given me the opportunity to not only let my inner nerd prosper, but also to have an audience for my extremely lame jokes. When not at school, you can find me on my beanbag busy reading, drinking or doing something bizarre.
Mike Faul
Since 2016
Good Hope Studies teacher - Mike Faul
We tend to have fun in class, even exam classes! It's rewarding to see students making significant progress, wonderful to see friendships developing and to hear about their adventures. It's true, I love what I do!
Dee Watson
Since 2016
Good Hope Studies teacher - Dee Watson
A love of languages and exploring new cultures has been the driving force in choosing my profession. I find it a privilege to not only be able to teach my own language but also to learn from my students.
Joni Mostert
Since 2017
Good Hope Studies teacher - Joni Mostert
I have been in the ESL/TEFL field for over twenty years. Oftentimes I feel I receive as much as I give in my classroom; not only in terms of a cultural exchange, but also when sharing opinions on world events and the issues we face as global citizens.
Kim Perkins
Since 2018
Good Hope Studies teacher - Kim Perkins
I have always been passionate about teaching and taught for many years in Fashion Design before becoming an English teacher. What I enjoy the most about it is meeting new people from all over the world and learning about different cultures.
Belinda Coetzee
Since 2021
Good Hope Studies teacher - Belinda Coetzee
I'm originally from the bustling and thriving mining town of Orkney, South Africa. I've spent 6 years living and teaching English in Vietnam, specifically Saigon, before joining the Good Hope Family.
Virgilia Wade
Since 2022
Good Hope Studies teacher - Virgilia Wade
I’ve lived and worked abroad and I find teaching to be an extremely rewarding and enjoyable profession. I hope to help my students to attain their future goals - whether for work, studies or pleasure - and to have fun doing it!
Mayuri Ramjathan
Since 2006
Good Hope Studies teacher - Mayuri Ramjathan
What was supposed to be a 2-week stay turned into me completing my CELTA qualification and becoming a teacher. This is the place to be. This job has allowed me to meet many amazing people and I get to witness them make so much progress during their stay.
Nikita de Huis
Since 2023
Good Hope Studies teacher - Nikita deHuis