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CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is an internationally recognised teaching qualification for those with little or no previous teaching experience. This certificate can provide excellent job opportunities worldwide.

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CELTA requires a lot of hard work and dedication but is incredibly rewarding and helpful. The trainers were very supportive and delivered the course with great knowledge and expertise. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to pursue teaching.
from Italy (CELTA, May 2023)
Eleonora Fava - CELTA student
If you want to be the best teacher for your students, do the CELTA course at Good Hope Studies. The knowledge and information received is of great use and importance when teaching.
from South Africa (CELTA, May 2023)
Nikita deHuis - CELTA student
The Grammar Course was extremely helpful as it brushed up my skills and helped me to feel confident and ready for CELTA. If you need to revise some grammar, this short but productive course is well worth the money.
from South Africa (Grammar Course, July 2022)
Tyla Maltby - Good Hope Studies Grammar course
The CELTA course has been a very rewarding and fruitful experience. I have learned a lot of useful techniques and developed confidence in planning and delivering effective lessons to students.
from South Africa (CELTA, Dec 2021)
Temi Mabuza - CELTA student
I highly recommend the Grammar Course to those who would like to polish their grammar knowledge. Trust me! It will benefit you when you decide to do your CELTA. I could go back and forth to check and consolidate whatever grammar I learnt.
from South Africa (Grammar Course, June 2021)
Lisa Newman - Good Hope Studies Grammar course
Good Hope Studies City Centre school - reception
CELTA course - Good Hope Studies
CELTA course - Good Hope Studies
Good Hope Studies City Centre classroom