Cambridge Course Entry Test

All students enrolled for a Cambridge Course are required to complete the relevant test below. This test is INSTEAD of the general placement test. 

About the test

• The test will take about 90 minutes (100 minutes for CPE).
• There are writing, reading, grammar and vocabulary sections. There is a time limit for each section. 

How to take the test

• On the first page of the test, there is information about taking the test.
• After you finish your test, transfer your answers to an email, and send them to us. 

Not sure which Exam to choose?

• Which exam do you think will be best? Try the test.
• In most cases, you will only need to do one test, even if you are not sure which exam is best.
• If you need to do a second test we will contact you, but this is unusual. 

Cambridge English: First (FCE) Entry Test
Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) Entry Test
Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE) Entry Test