About us

Good Hope Studies was founded in 1995. The idea was to open a language school that was different from all the other schools. We wanted to provide a learning environment which is relaxed and fun to study in. Instead of renting cheap office space in the noisy city centre, we started our first school in a lovely private house in the leafy residential area of Newlands. The school was close to the host families, saving students on travel time. It was also close to public transport and close to the commercial centre of Claremont, an area that offers all amenities like restaurants, supermarkets, banks, cinemas, bars and more. Our students learnt English in the shade of an old oak tree instead of listening to the dull hum of air-conditioning. It turned out that students loved our concept and they progressed much faster than in a conventional environment.

Our school grew fast and it was a challenge to grow without compromising our original concept. Today still, we offer a school in Newlands with a garden and a swimming pool. Learning in a pleasant environment is more fun and more efficient. In addition, we also opened a second school in the city centre because we learnt that some clients just prefer the city buzz. To remain loyal to our original concept though, we have chosen a historic building which is one of the most beautiful in the area. It is also located in a pedestrian zone, providing a quiet learning environment in a busy area. And finally, we decorated it in a youthful, African style, providing the most pleasant learning environment possible.


Good Hope Studies starts off as a small school in the upmarket area of Newlands. 

Good Hope Studies becomes IALC member.

Good Hope Studies moves to bigger premises in Rondebosch. 

We celebrate 10 years of Good Hope Studies. We move to our current location in Newlands and open a second campus in the City Centre. 

We run our first teacher training course, the CELTA course. 

We start offering volunteer programmes in order to enable our clients to contribute something to South African communities and to nature conservation. 

We open our campus accommodation for the language school in Newlands.

We increase the size of our City Centre campus to double the number of classrooms. It also becomes the permanent home for our teacher training courses.

Good Hope Studies becomes an accredited EAQUALS centre.

We celebrate 20 years of Good Hope Studies.

Our school in Newlands receives a major upgrade. We introduce electronic boards in our classrooms.

Good Hope Studies is going green

  • Using solar power at our properties
  • Encouraging students to recycle
  • Providing drinking water to reduce plastic bottles
  • Using LED light
  • Only growing indigenous plants in our gardens which have minimal water needs
  • Regularly producing a green report to monitor and assess our procedures

Mission Statement

Good Hope Studies provides international clients with an all-encompassing language travel experience of the highest quality, measured against internationally recognised standards. Through personal care and attention to detail, we endeavour to ensure that every student who passes through Good Hope Studies leaves with an improved ability to communicate in English and an unforgettable experience of South Africa. 

Good Hope Studies provides its staff members with a secure and friendly environment in which they can develop professionally. Every staff member is valued as part of the Good Hope Studies team and their contribution to the further development of Good Hope Studies is expected and appreciated. 

Good Hope Studies places itself at the vanguard of further developing Cape Town as an internationally recognized centre for teaching English as a Foreign Language. In doing so, we aim to ensure that Cape Town plays an important role within the international EFL community and thereby contributes to the world-wide EFL industry.