English + Volunteering

Who is it for?

Many want to improve their English skills and make a difference in the community at the same time. Some, however, haven't got sufficient time to do both. The English + volunteering programme is perfect for those who'd love to combine an English course in the morning with volunteering in the afternoon and thus get the most out of their stay.

Through our sister company, Good Hope Volunteers, we are able to offer memorable volunteering experiences at one of our four Cape Town-based social projects.

An English level of Intermediate level or above is required.


Lessons/week General English Course (16 or 20 lessons) + volunteering in the afternoon
Starting dates Every Monday
Group size Mini group (maximum 10 students during General English)
Duration 2 weeks to 3 months
Levels Intermediate (B1/B1+) to Proficiency (C2)
Minimum age 18 years
Availability Newlands

Price List

Compare our prices with others, but keep in mind that our lessons take 50 minutes each and that our classes are intensive, with a maximum of 10 students in a class.


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Course details

In the morning, you participate in the General English 16 Course (Monday to Thursday). Alternatively, you can  participate in the General English 20 Course (Monday to Friday).

In the afternoon, you take part in one of our social projects located in and around Cape Town. Most projects offer volunteering in the afternoon but some might also require work on the weekends with weekdays off, and this would then be alternated and agreed upon with the projects beforehand.

Available projects:


For accommodation we recommend the GHS Student House, as this is where we host most volunteers in Cape Town and volunteers prefer staying together.
For your English course we therefore suggest studying at our school in Newlands, as this is only a 15-minute walk from the GHS Student House.


This specially combined programme is available to students whose English level is Intermediate (B1+/B1+) or above.

To find out which level is the most suitable for you, complete the online Placement Test.