Teach English Abroad

Well-qualified English teachers are a sought after species in many countries around the world. You may want to look out for a job in a country of your choice yourself or use a company to assist you with the process.

Setting up a good job in a foreign country can be quite a daunting task and there are many things which can go wrong. Amongst the many companies out there that are designed to assist with the process, we recommend TravelBud, a company based in South Africa. They offer a professional and reliable service, so if you are looking for a partner to assist you, then check out TravelBud.


TravelBud specialises in offering qualified CELTA teachers placements in unique countries around the world. They provide paid teaching jobs at local schools in Asia, including Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, South Korea and Japan, as well as in Costa Rica. Founded by a South African who had his first TEFL experience in Thailand, the TravelBud team give invaluable advice and support based on first-hand experience. 

TravelBud has carefully selected its placement destinations based on the quality of the placements available as well as the local environments in each foreign country. Every placement destination on offer comes with a good salary, (Japan and South Korea offer the highest financial incentives), a unique cross-cultural setting, a local cultural orientation, 24/7 in-country support, full pre-departure support, and more. Visit TravelBud's website to find out more about the programmes they offer. Below are links to each TravelBud programme:

Teach English in Thailand
Teach English in South Korea
Teach English in Vietnam
Teach English in Japan
Teach English in Myanmar
Teach English in Costa Rica