Tertiary Education

Good Hope Studies has started a partnership with Inscape, a leading provider of postgraduate and undergraduate courses at a number of campuses throughout South Africa - Cape Town, Durban, Midrand, Pretoria and Stellenbosch.

After reaching the required level of English at one of our language schools, through Inscape, we offer four undergraduate courses providing Higher Certificates that students can apply for.

The Higher Certificate allows for quick entry into the job market, providing hands-on skills. An industry-relevant Higher Certificate includes part of the curriculum to prepare students for the world of work.
Students who have graduated with the Higher Certificate may apply to register for a degree or diploma in a related field at Inscape Education Group or other institutions.


Courses 4 different types
Course type Undergraduate - Higher Certificate
Starting period February 2022
Course duration 1-year full-time contact learning
Destinations Cape Town, Durban, Midrand, Pretoria, Stellenbosch
Accreditation NQF Level 5
Level Intermediate (B1+)
Sessions 8 sessions/week (1 session = 1h45 min)
Experiential Training 240 hours

Higher Certificate Courses

Tuition benefits

  • Industry relevant and suitably qualified faculty members
  • Positive teaching and learning experience
  • Continuous assessment
  • Custom designed curriculum and courseware
  • Student dashboards encouraging individual responsibility for learning
  • Enabling learning environments
  • Modern, design-sensitive, well-located, easily accessible and secure campus locations
  • Online Learner Management System with live data
  • Industry-collaborative engagements
  • Extended campus hours and on-site WiFi connectivity
  • On-site library and resources
  • Access to virtual learning tools and remote support to ensure academic continuity.
  • Study pack (dependent on course chosen)