More about Design Techniques

This undergraduate course introduces you into the world of visual, creative and digital design.
It focuses on applied creativity, basic drawing skills, creative mediums and digital graphics and familiarises participants with the areas of graphic design, multimedia design, spatial design, design research and design writing.

This course focuses on developing the skills needed to establish oneself as an aspiring designer.

Course subjects include:

  • Applied Creativity
  • Drawing Skills
  • Adobe Software
  • Printing and Painting
  • Communication Techniques
  • Design Techniques Portfolio
  • The Influence of Design
  • Experiential Training

Developing competencies

  • Sourcing research information related to a specific design field.
  • Analysing and reviewing design research information.
  • Selecting materials, mediums and processes for production.
  • Producing final design products that meet specific project requirements in the field of communication, branding, promotion, training, advertising and marketing.
  • Managing business processes in a design environment.
  • Delivering innovative and well executed solutions to clients' briefs.
  • Developing business and marketing resources (logo and CI, social media design, printing or graphic reproduction & content creation).
  • Creating original design messages, forms, and arguments.

Employment within the industry would include junior designer or entry-level desktop publisher. (DTP)