Grammar Course

Many CELTA candidates bemoan the fact that they can speak English but that they don’t know or have forgotten basic grammar rules and terminology which puts them on a back foot on the course.

Good Hope Studies CELTA tutors have responded, designing this Basic Grammar Course to clarify and formalize basic grammar knowledge so that candidates can start off the CELTA course with more confidence, be better-equipped to teach grammar lessons, and be more successful with language analysis in lesson planning and in their assignments.

Focus on the CELTA course can thus be on improving teaching skills and not playing catch-up with grammar rules.

What to expect on the course?

  • Clarification of the basics from nouns, gerunds, pronouns, articles, quantifiers, modal verbs and verbs to times and tenses.
  • Three hours of asynchronous input (short, focused videos and quizzes to monitor your learning), so you can study at a time convenient to you and learn at your own pace on the Learning Management System, Edmodo.
  • Excellent content designed by, and support from, in-service Delta-qualified teachers.
  • One Friday afternoon online tutorial where any of your questions will be dealt with in person.

General Information

This course is highly recommended for CELTA Candidates, newly qualified teachers or teachers who lack basic grammar knowledge.

Course layout

You will join a closed class online where the videos and quizzes are ready for you to work through.
Every Friday afternoon, you will have the opportunity to join our online tutuorial where any of your questions will be dealt with and course purpose and layout explained in detail.


You have 2 weeks to complete the course at your own pace and at times suiting you.

How to Apply

Book the course when applying for your CELTA Course or contact the registrar at +27 21 683 1399. You may also use our contact form.