CELTA Course Testimonials

There is no-one better qualified to judge our programmes than our clients (last update June 2023):

Nikita De Huis (South Africa)

The CELTA course was a challenging and demanding but worthwhile experience. The tutors at Good Hope Studies (Melissa, Sharon and Wilma) were really helpful and supportive, teaching and guiding trainees patiently and made us feel at ease. The input sessions were delivered and received successfully. The knowledge and information received is of great use and importance when teaching. I would recommend the course to other aspiring teachers as I've learnt so much in the span of four weeks.

If you want to be the best teacher for your students, do the CELTA course at GHS :)

Vitario Stewart (South Africa)

The course was created for people with no prior teaching experience. The only questions to have, I believe, are ‘Do I want to teach?’ and ‘Am I willing to change my perspective of myself?’
I believe these questions alone will determine whether you’re ready to do something as intense as the Celta course.

I’d like to say that the Celta course, being tough as it is, has done so many things for me as an individual. I learned that I do know how to teach and that I can learn to teach better which allows my character to grow and for me to become a better person. I’ve always loved showing people things they do not know, and now I can effectively teach somebody to speak a new language! With the passion of teaching people, comes the satisfaction of what I’m actually doing and it makes me happy.
I was given amazing feedback by peers and tutors on how I could improve where I was required to and took the feedback as a learning opportunity. I ended the course with a less stressful, more structured lesson and lesson plan. I have gained extremely valuable information through this course, and it has equipped me with the tools and knowledge to teach effectively. The course plays a big role in developing your confidence as a teacher and as a person. I was told to trust the process and negate any thoughts I may have had of not being able to teach without prior teaching experience. It may not register at the beginning, but you will realise the value of the statement in your third week.

Remember, the tutors have lots of experience and tricks up their sleeve that may help you retain information better!

Tyla Maltby (South Africa)

I did the CELTA in August and September 2022. Those 4 weeks of CELTA were some of the most gruelling, intense weeks of my life - but yet some of the best. Be prepared for a workload that makes you feel as though there aren’t enough hours in a day to do all the work, but also be prepared to learn amazing new things about the English language and the art of teaching. The input sessions we had were extremely insightful and the tutors managed to make them not only interesting, but engaging and fun too! I could not be more grateful to Margot and Sharon (as well as all the other employees at GHS who offered support) for their guidance throughout the course. Their support was wonderful and allowed me to go into every lesson feeling as prepared as can be. Their feedback and evaluations were strict, but helpful and extensive. Sometimes criticism can bring you down, however theirs was constructive and allowed me to reflect on my lessons and see what I could improve on. I felt that their objective and honest feedback helped push me to do my best.

At the end of the 4 weeks, I was sad that it was over. It was such an amazing experience that despite the stress, I didn’t want it to end. I had learnt so much in such a short time, which is amazing. I’m thankful to everyone involved for making CELTA such a great experience. I’d highly recommend the CELTA course through GHS for anyone interested in ESL teaching!

Elena Sarkisian (Russia)

Good Hope Studies has both highly professional and cordial teachers, which is the most effective combination! By the time I took the CELTA course I had been teaching English as a second language for 6 years, but this training was extremely valuable for me despite my experience. It gave me clearer insight into the structure of lessons and clarified some aspects like teaching speaking and functional language. I can say that the most important feature of the CELTA course is that it’s practical, it helps you to build actual skills and you can physically feel your progress and build new neuro paths in your head (although you have to destroy some of the old ones).

Teaching has become so much easier after completing this course; it boosted my confidence and understanding of what to do and how to do it effectively. Now I spend less time preparing for the lessons and instead I can use this time to be more creative with tasks.

One of the important benefits of GHS is the welcoming atmosphere of the venue. Its brightly coloured walls decorated with African symbols are a pleasure for anyone’s eyes! The classes are comfortable both for students and teachers; state-of-the-art technology allows the teacher to be creative and effective! The whole staff was very helpful even when it wasn’t their duty to assist the CELTA candidates. They did their best and were always very nice. Last but not least, is the fact that Good Hope Studies is situated in Cape Town in South Africa and studying there gives you a unique opportunity to see this amazing country with its breathtaking views, delicious cuisine and wonderful architecture!

Tristan Hancock (Zimbabwe)

“I would like to give my heartfelt thanks for the amazing service that I received at Good Hope Studies, City Centre, Cape Town.
From the start to the finish of the course (17th January to 11th February 2022), the lessons, practicals, and especially friendly relationships with tutors and other candidates made my studies toward a CELTA very successful.”

Salomé Weibel (Switzerland / South Africa)

“This was probably the toughest challenge I've ever tackled, but so worth it! Good Hope Studies was very professional, yet very supportive. The course was very informative and practical. I am very glad I didn't choose the online option of doing the course, since the in-person training was vital! The 2 tutors, Sharon McCall and Wilma Jansen van Veuren, were both very fair and helpful. I learnt so much from their teaching skills - it was truly seeing the course work in action. Having other trainees on the course was also a great idea. Sometimes we learnt from each other what to do & what not to do!
I can only recommend both the CELTA Course and Good Hope Studies to everyone!! What a great experience!!”

Temi Mabuza (South Africa)

This course has been a very rewarding and fruitful experience. The tutors were very supportive throughout the intensive process. Their feedback was insightful, the input sessions and trainee materials were well-structured and designed. I have learned a lot of useful techniques, developed confidence in planning and delivering effective lessons to students.

Lisa Newman (South Africa)

The CELTA course is a face-to-face experience. Real people are taught English in an actual classroom.
It is very intense and requires a lot of mental strength to get through the day-to-day challenges that it brings.
However, the method of teaching is astonishing. It teaches you to be more aware of the students' needs and gives the students a chance to activate their knowledge on the subject in the classroom. This course has not only given me the opportunity to learn how to teach, but it has also taught me that it's okay to let the students take the lead in the classroom (a student-centred approach).
I highly recommend the CELTA course to those who enjoy a challenge and want to make a difference in the teaching world.

Lara Tomlinson

Through this CELTA course I have felt as though Good Hope Studies have handled working around the requirements set out by the coronavirus really well, whilst still succeeding in providing students with the needed teaching support. There was a thorough screening process, our temperatures were taken each day upon arrival, and all the classrooms were really well ventilated.

Whilst teaching and learning to teach can be difficult whilst having to follow the regulations, I still believe that the course held more value on the sheer basis of it being in person- I speak from experience when I say that it is far more taxing to learn online and far more memorable to learn in person. The tutors for the CELTA course were really engaging and helpful and through the multiple input sessions and observed lessons, I have found that I have learnt a lot. As a whole, I think that Good Hope Studies has really succeeded in providing a useful and valuable course, and I am looking forward to taking it into the future.

Nabeelah Daniels (South Africa)

Doing the CELTA course at GHS has given me great confidence for someone who has never taught in front of a classroom. The CELTA course is intense at first but ultimately rewarding as today I carry the invaluable skills and experience that stemmed through from my tutors guidance to teach effectively. What I felt was really beneficial to me, was our feedback sessions where trainers established a very supportive environment in guiding us allowing fellow trainees to learn from one another. We constantly helped and supported each other creating a great and secure atmosphere, making the stressful moments much more bearable.

This course has really launched my teaching career and I recommend it to those considering a challenging, engaging and exciting step in their professional development

Mike Faul (South Africa)

CELTA is incredible. No other words manage the capture the enormity of the course. Although one constantly feels as if thrown into the deep end, fellow trainees and tutors always offer support and guidance. It is impossible to state how many doors CELTA opens, and I encourage everyone to do this. During teaching practice, the feedback is thorough and constructive – and this allows for a well-balanced teaching style. Everyone at GHS is always willing to help and guide you, and one feels as if part of a close-knit family. The knowledge one gains, along with the countless new friends one makes, is immeasurable, and this makes CELTA at GHS a must.

Nina Louw (South Africa)

CELTA at Good Hope Studies is a rigorous and thorough course. You will get lots of teaching experience, input and support, and learn how to be an engaging and methodical teacher. After one month you will be ready to teach anywhere in the world. 

Fatima Ebrahim (South Africa)

I completed my CELTA training with Good Hope Studies, and am forever changed. While the course is intense and requires focus and commitment, it was also an exciting journey of self-discovery. With teaching practice every second morning and input every afternoon, some days it felt as though we’d been dropped into the deep end of the swimming pool. But even so, we always had the gentle guiding and support of our tutors, and we learned to push our own boundaries of enthusiasm and creativity in the classroom. We were constantly challenged to improve and encouraged to step into the world of the student- training that will show a clear distinction between being an ordinary teacher and an extraordinary one.

Ishwar Persad (Canada)

I highly recommend the Celta course of Good Hope Studies. The teachers are extremely knowledgeable and competent, ensuring that you get the most out of your four (4) weeks on the course. They cover a lot of material in very comfortable facilities located in the heart of Cape Town and provide excellent support. It is quite an intensive course so be prepared to learn a lot in short space of time and spend your weekends doing assignments, reading and lesson plans instead of lounging in Camps Bay or sipping wine in Stellenbosch. You will learn a lot and it is very good value for money.

Su Birch (South Africa)

The Celta course is intense, and we were teaching from Day 2. The tutors on our course were always available for help and support, while guiding us through a process of discovering for ourselves what good teaching is about. I learnt an enormous amount in a short space of time, and feel confident that I will be able to use that knowledge in the classroom.

Yekaterina Makarova (Russia)

It is impossible to pack a 4-week adventure into a couple of sentences, but what first comes to mind is the depth and thoroughness of the course. I got practical teaching tools from the moment I stepped into the classroom on my first day. Another thing that adds to how well the course is thought out is the everyday routine of self-evaluation, which truly makes you grow with each lesson you teach. And last but not least are the tutors; in Russian we have a proverb – “it is not the place that decorates the person, but the person that decorates the place.